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Who We Are

Well-being and health have always been Farmigea’s prime concern.
To achieve this, Farmigea has created an agile, complete and modern company that corresponds to the high standards required in the European pharmaceutical industry.

The company now manages and oversees all the various steps involved in the manufacture of its products: from research to production, from the issue of information to physicians to distribution of the preparations.

On the strength of its longstanding experience and know-how, accumulated and developed throughout its over sixty years of research and success, everything about Farmigea is now new: its production plant, its offices, its company image. And this means that innovative products are being produced continuously. The keywords that symbolise the spirit of Farmigea are therefore research and innovation – generated by enthusiasm and experience.

The History

In 1946, Antonio Federighi bought four ground floor properties in the ancient centre of Pisa and a very small business that produced chemicals and cosmetics. His aim was to set up a pharmaceutical industry together with his sons. This became feasible thanks to contacts in Pisa and Bologna universities, which supplied them with what is now termed know-how. The Farmigea Istituto Chimico Farmaeutico Sperimentale (Farmigea Experimental Chemical- Pharmaceutical Institute) was therefore established and began manufacturing. In the beginning, the firm produced a wide range of generic products, like health tonics in syrup form, extracts, dermatological creams and ointments and even its first eye-drops.

Farmigea gradually expanded and increased its range of products for the market, but even in those days its principal development was in ophthalmic spheres.

  • Oftagen Surgical
    Il gruppo Farmigea Holding si focalizza anche sugli strumenti chirurgici oftalmici. Nasce Oftagen Surgical

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